Preston Mobility offers a full suite of PTT devices, accessories & business solutions
  • Canada’s largest PTT Community
  • Largest line-up of PTT enabled rugged phones and accessories
  • Carrier-grade PTT integrated dispatch console
  • Manage PTT contacts better
Get Canada's best Push-to-Talk solution

With Push-to-Talk take advantage of the following benefits!

  • An incredible line-up of PTT enabled devices and accessories.
  • Combine your PTT service with Dispatch options, Asset & Fleet management, and Workforce Safety & management solutions from Preston Mobility & Bell.
  • Manage your PTT contacts with a feature rich content management tool


Customer Focus: To meet growing demand, Parallel 49 needed a rapid
way to respond to urgent delivery calls. Preston Mobility & Bell equipped
their drivers with Push-to-talk-enabled Sonim devices
and a dispatch system that identifies which driver is
closest to the job. Now, Parallel 49 can take on more rush
orders, which could bring in an additional $5,000 to $7,000
in sales.

Manage dispatch operations efficiently using the PTT Dispatch Console from Preston Mobility & Bell

Take advantage of the ability to make PTT calls to one or many workers right from a Windows PC. The PTT Dispatch Console offers seamless integration with PTT to improve efficiency and connect dispatchers from a central location with their team whether they are on the road or in the field.

PTT Dispatch Console features

  • PTT Groups – PTT group monitoring that allows you to view the activity of a group, start a call or join one
  • Call Recording – Allows you to record select or all PTT calls and replay them when required
  • Multiple map modes – Map the location of mobile PTT users with multiple map modes
  • Track fleet members in near-real time*
  • Reach customers on time, every time, by rerouting fleet members to avoid high traffic areas

*Location updates every 15 minutes. This feature is only available with select devices


  • Seamless integration with PTT: PTT and Dispatch orders from the same console
  • Improved efficiency and business productivity
  • Monitor fleet in real-time with insights to their changing schedules
  • Enhance route planning with real-time traffic status from Google maps
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See how PTT increases productivity at the push of a button and allows you to connect with a group of up to 250 users at one time!

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