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You don’t get response and service, this level of quickness from other companies. I have called many support lines and deal with many people on a day to day basis and you just don’t get that kind of response. The response that I received from Preston Mobility, on the other hand, was well above and beyond my expectations. This, to me, speaks volumes about a company and culture. There is a dedication to that culture that is reflected directly in the leadership. You don’t get that level by accident it’s purely intentional.


Shawn Leblanc

IT Consultant & Business Owner / Techside Networks

Preston Mobility did a terrific job analyzing our wireless usage and developing a custom wireless plan which resulted in savings of approximately 30% or $100,000 for 85 lines over our previous wireless provider.


Dawn Burgon

/ Scott Construction

“At VPU, we have a dozen lines or so and I am involved with multiple organizations across country and it is for that reason that I am always on the road as the nature of my work is 24/7. In these cases, when I have an issue with my wireless, I am relying on a quick response as it is vital to my business operations. You don’t get the same response, intimacy or engagement when you are dealing with a call center. Regardless of time or day, the Preston Mobility team has been quick to respond and provide me with a solution and they have done so consistently time and time again.”


Tom Stamatakis

/ Vancouver Police Union

We recently switched our eight lines over to Preston Mobility and Bell, and are saving over 27% on our wireless costs – resulting in over $7,400 in savings. The transition was turn-key, and the level of support they offer has been excellent


John Friswell

/ CCI Renovation

Preston Mobility helped us save 26% on our wireless costs for our 16 lines – helping us save thousands of dollars. They have been a great partner. 


Ryan Hawkins

/ Coast Pacific Wire and Alarms

Thanks to Preston Mobility, we are saving 23.61% over our previous wireless costs, resulting in savings of more than $23,000.


Bal Kirk

/ EuroLine Windows Inc.

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