Devices and Mobile Connectivity

Preston Mobility offers a wide selection of leading-edge mobile devices – from world-class smartphones to the largest line-up of rugged devices and accessories – to mobilize any business. We work closely with our partners to bring new products to the Canadian market so you get the selection your company needs.

Great Phones & Best Rate Plans on the Bell Wireless Network
  • Smartphones: Preston Mobility and Bell offer a breadth of smartphones from top manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry®, Sonim, Sony, LG and Kyocera. We also offer a growing selection of LLTE-Advanced devices that allow for peak download speeds of up to 335 Mbps.3 Whatever the mobile demands of your business, we have the devices that are right for your team.
  • Tablets: Easy to use and highly portable, tablets help employees work faster and more effectively, from retail associates taking orders to offsite workers accessing data on the go. We have access to the best line-up of tablets on the market with the latest accessories to protect them including Otterbox cases.
  • Rugged Phones: When you need devices that stand up to the toughest work environment, Preston Mobility can offer you the best choices. We offer safe devices to protect your employees in the field.
Get Wireless Solutions Customized for your Business with the Best and Latest Devices on the Market

From tablets and smartphones to superphones, rugged phones with PTT capabilities, and wearables like the Samsung Gear VR, Preston Mobility offers the best selection to meet your business needs.

Uncover an immersive experience like never before with the Samsung Gear VR Headset!

Virtual Reality Made Easy
The Gear VR is completely portable, comfortable and simple to set up.

Better Gaming
The Gear VR reacts to the movement of your head, so you feel like you’re inside the game.

Immersive Video
Enjoy your favourite content in a 360° environment.

Get Your Hands on the Hottest Devices on the Market

Take advantage of the great prices & devices available for our Small Business and Corporate Clients.

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