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Android & All other Smartphones


Device Shipping Instructions

1) Please ship battery & back cover along with the device
2) Please ensure passcodes are disabled & that you have backed up your device prior to sending. Even though all client data on the units will be erased through the repair process, we recommend wiping the device prior to sending.
3) Do not ship your SIM Card and/or memory card as it will not be returned
4) For more information, feel free to call us 604-629-8526 x 504 or email [email protected]

Please click on the box below to submit your repair  request and you will be contacted by Preston Mobility’s support staff.

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If required, a loaner phone will be provided while your cell is sent for service. We cannot guarantee that the loaner phone will be the same model as your current model. Devices take on average 5 – 7 business days for repair but can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month if parts are back-ordered, or an unexpected back log of work to be completed. We appreciate your patience.

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